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I’m 21 years old and live in Denmark. My greatest passions are business, innovation, fast cars and gaming. I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on my business, new opportunities and possibilities. The dream is moving to USA and live in a small house, owning an Audi R8 V10 Plus and being financial independent/covered.


I have always been fascinated with the online universe and it’s possibilities. I’ve started several websites/e-businesses, but only a few has turned out to the better. I’ve done anything from Affiliate Marketing top web-shops.


Since I played my first video game, back in 1997, have I been addicted to the e-sport universe. I have played a great variety of games, which I still do casually today. Watch me on my Youtube: MrBetaSkull


I have never really seen myself as an creative person, despite that everyone keep telling my that I am. I like to think differently and come up with alternative solutions to a problem. I think, a lot!

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I have always wanted to build my own business empire, becoming financial independent and living my dream life.

Web Development

My ability to craft a website by code, even though I prefer using CMS platforms.


My pleasure of passing on my knowledge and acquired experiences.


My enjoyment of driving a car, alone and with company, by the law and beyond.


My power to handle a camera and it's settings in order to capture a moment in it's best shape.

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I’m grateful that you stopped by and made it all the way to the bottom. If you have any questions, suggestions or offers then feel free to contact me. If you do not want to use the form below, catch me on aw.freelancer[at]Gmail


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